Saturday, May 25, 2019

English words to avoid, if you’re Russian: theme, meet and face


Unless you are talking about literature, attending a film history class, discussing a birthday party for a small child or talking about someone's taste in furniture and colors for their house, you're probably using this word incorrectly.

WRONG! - We discussed this theme in the meeting.
√ - We discussed this topic/issue/subject in the meeting.
√ - The theme of heroism can be seen in many films such as Star Wars and The Hobbit.
√ - The theme song for "A Star is Born" is amazing.
√ - Our daughter had a Disney-themed birthday party.
√ - His living room has a nautical theme.



Unless you are talking about an introduction to someone new, or making arrangement to see someone at a planned time and place, you're probably using this word incorrectly, as well.

WRONG! - I have never met this word before.
√ - I have never seen/heard/encountered this word before.
√ - I met my friend at Starbucks.
√ - I met my boyfriend's parents last weekend. They seem nice.

When we see a new word, we don't say, "Hello, Mr. New Word. Pleased to meet you."


FACE [as a verb]

Only use this word as a verb when you are [1] talking about a challenge/problem/difficult situation; Or [2] talking about the direction that a person or building is showing their front side

WRONG! - I have faced this question before.
√ - I have heard/have been asked this question before.
√ - The building faces east.
√ - She sat facing the window.
√ - It's better to face your problems, and not ignore them.