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Susan is passionate about teaching English and empowering other intelligent humans through language learning. English is the most important language in the world right now, for better or worse. This is an inescapable fact in 2021. If you weren’t born in the US, the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, Singapore or Hong Kong, navigating higher education and a high-powered international career is/will be especially difficult for you. But there is hope! Susan is an amazing, compassionate, patient, erudite, well-read and down-to-earth English teacher for non-native speakers. She has deep knowledge of the English language and a fun and smart way to explain the grammar rules (and get you to be able to apply them in-real-time). She is also very well-versed in geo-politics, science, technology, sociology, geography, and, well… not to mention… daily life. If your goal is: [a] immigrating to the US to create your own Silicon Valley start-up (51% of SV start-ups have been created by immigrants to the USA), [b] obtaining a high score on the TOEFL, IELTS, BULATS, etc., [c] for your child to survive their local primary school English classes (which are usually horrible), or [d] just to be able to communicate cross-borders in English with your EU colleagues in Germany… You have found the right teacher! 

Following, is Susan's CV (curriculum vitae), or as we like to call it in American English, 'resume.'

||||   | |  |   |      ||        | |   |  |||      ||   |    ||  |||

|||  Education  |||

June 2010 | CELTA
The University of Cambridge | TeacherTraining.it Centre | Certificate # ccpf446611 | Milan, Italy

May 1995 | BFA
Bachelor's of Fine Arts | Graphic Design | The University of the Arts | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA | Trustee Scholarship Recipient | Presidential Honors Upon Graduation (GPA: 3.67/4.0)

|||  Teaching and Scoring Experience   |||

Grogu, Director of Studies at School of 2, oversees all lessons.

January 2012 - Present | SchoolOf2

SchoolOf2 had started with just a few independent students, and has grown into a full-time teaching business. Susan lives in Boston, Massachusetts, USA, and teaches personalized, one-on-one, English lessons from her home. Her students include business professionals all over the world. She also teaches General and Academic English to children, teenagers and young adults. The majority of her students are in the European Union, Russia, China and Brazil.

September 2012 - February 2016 | TOEFL Scorer | Writing Section | Educational Testing Systems | Princeton, New Jersey
Remotely scored the written section of TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) via ETS's secure online portal

.August 2012 - July 2013 | Inglês 3D | Online School based in San Paolo, Brazil
Taught group classes of Brazilian military and air traffic controllers via a virtual school built by Inglês 3D inside the computer-generated avatar world “Second Life”
Susan broke her left ankle in September 2012. Fortunately, online English teaching doesn't require anyone to actually leave the house to go to work!
May - September 2012 | EnglishHunt | Online school based in the USA and South Korea
Taught private lessons and group classes of Korean schoolchildren via the school's proprietary, Windows-based teleconferencing software; Students ranged in age from 10 to 16

.September 2010 - November 2011 | Business English Teacher | Milan, Italy
Taught for International Language School, Millennium Language School, Corporate English and as an independent contractor with her own private students; Taught all levels of English, from A0 (starters) to C1 (advanced), to bankers, scientists, engineers, IT professionals, doctors, lawyers, psychiatrists, accountants and travel guides.

June-July 2010 | English and Latin Dancing Instructor | Various Summer Camps | Lago Maggiore & Montecopiolo, Italy
Taught Italian schoolchildren, ages 9-16

April 2008 - January 2010 | Ballroom Dancing Instructor | Sandra Cameron Dance Center | New York, New York, USA
Taught group classes in Hustle and private lessons in various other Ballroom dances to adult, amateur dancers

|||  Corporate Business Experience  |||

January 2008 - March 2010 | Director | Fresh Trajectory | New York, New York, USA
Prospected, pitched and landed clients, wrote contracts, supervised various junior designers, freelancers and interns, designed and ran projects from start to finish, for organically grown clientele

October 2001 - December 2007 | Independent Design Consultant | New York, New York, USA
Freelanced on- and off-site for various design studios and in-house art departments, handling rather large projects for clients such as Bristol Myers Squibb, Citigroup Private Bank, Directorio en Español, Deutsche Bank, E*Trade Financial, HSBC, Mutual of New York and Warner Music Group, as well as smaller, lesser-known clients and organizations

August 1999 - September 2001 | Senior Designer | Pettis Design | New York, New York, USA
Designed websites, print collateral, annual reports and corporate identities for a variety of clients in retail, non-profit, technology, financial services, and B2B; Ran such projects from start to finish; Generated new business; Went on sales pitches; Wrote proposals and negotiated fees

September 1997 - July 1999 | Junior Designer | Brand Union (formerly Anspach, Grossman Portugal) | New York, New York, USA
Developed logos, visual systems and their subsequent codification for national and international companies

July 1996 - August 1997 | Junior Freelance Designer | New York, New York, USA
Freelanced on-site at various design studios and in-house art departments, such as: Arthur Andersen, Cohn & Wells, Interbrand, Lehman Brothers, Morgan Stanley, Oppenheimer Funds, RappCollins Worldwide, RuderFinn, Spagnola & Associates, the Union Bank of Switzerland and Willi Kunz

July 1995 - June 1996 | Junior Designer | The New York Public Library | Internal Graphics Office | New York, New York, USA
Designed print collateral to promote the Library’s various programs, lectures and exhibits, and to support its philanthropic needs

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