Monday, September 12, 2016

"Effortless" on the outside, but "suffering" on the inside (something we can all learn from the pro tennis players)

Really interesting press conference worth listening to, whether you follow tennis or not.


This applies to everything in life, not just tennis.

Stan Wawrinka won the Mens US Open Tennis Championships on Sunday, 9/11/16. He beat the #1 player, Novak Djokovic, to win the tournament. OK. Fine. Whatever. Sport upsets often happen. I enthusiastically watched the match because Wawrinka is my favorite male tennis player.

During the match, his opponent was getting muscle cramps, calling for medical time outs and requesting the trainer. At one point, Djokovic's shoes were off and his feet were shaking, as the trainer was working on him. It was a very close match and Stan eventually won after 4+ hours. I had concluded that it was because Djokovic's body just failed him.

This press conference is interesting, surprising and inspiring. Wawrinka admitted that his body was failing him during the match, as well. He said that he purposely concealed it during the final contest. He said he was cramping up and really suffering out there with all those millions of people watching. He also admitted that he was shaking in the locker room before he walked out on Center Court and had even cried in front of Magnus (his coach).

The thing to remember is that even when people accomplish great things, they might look effortless on the outside, but you don't really know how it actually was accomplished!