Thursday, July 3, 2014

The Best Essay I've Ever Gotten From a Student

I often give essay-writing assignments to students; However, this is the best one. Of course, it's not perfect, because this is a learning process. Content-wise, it's very rich and well-organized. It's also a great comparison between Russians and Americans.

A Cultural diversity had never looked for to me as like a big problem until I moved to the USA five years ago. I absolutely believed in there was an absence of the drastic differences between Caucasians even though they have grown up thousands miles away from each other. However, my life experience in the USA has made me change my mind. Russians and Americans are very different in their general attitudes toward many issues, and hardship is only one from of them.

America has been for a long time a dream for many people all over the world. Anyone who had an opportunity to immigrate in the USA was considered a lucky one. This might be a root of unlimited American happiness that is demonstrated by everyone and everywhere. Smiling is the a must. The general behavior rules include being out of drama-free, no complaining, and always staying on the positive side.

Russians are different. They can be openly rude (read "straightforward" in American English, because saying "rude" is rude by in and of itself). They like complaining all the time, because saying " I am fine" may confuse a conversational partner and make him/her jealous. Russians apologize very rarely, because they save " sorry" and "excuse me" for the extremely important events in their lives.

There is no doubt that we all, human beings, experience the same problems throughout the life spans [from the cradle to the grave <- idiomatic expression], but one thing is different --- how we respond on to them. I’ll give you a few examples. One American woman attended a rock concert. She did not like rock music, but her husband was dying to see that concert. I asked her how it was. She said " It was an interesting experience". Any Russian would say "It was miserable, shitty, disgusting, nasty, etc.” If an American runs into you in the store, you will get a tons of apologies. Not in Russia. There you may hear " What is wrong with your eyes? You should be more attentive!" If an American has just lost a job, gotten divorced, filed bankruptcy, you will still get an the answer "I am fine" on to your everyday's question "How are you?" Do not ask a Russian, if you are aware about his/her hard situation unless you have a couple hours for talking. 

However, Russians are more understandable for me, because they do not hide their feelings behind cheesy smiles and cheerful outlooks. Does it means that Russians are better than Americans? Not really. They are just quite unlike dissimilar [or: quite alike]. Is not it a Is it not fun to explore each other, find similarities and dissimilarities, and treat our imperfections with a humor? I am sure In my opinion, that it this is a the right way to go.